Pfandbriefe are issued to refinance cover pool eligible mortgage loans or public-sector loans. MünchenerHyp issues secured obligations in both categories of Pfandbriefe:

  • Mortgage Pfandbriefe 
  • Public Pfandbriefe

We issue Pfandbriefe to our clients as private placements, structured bonds, or as fixed or floating interest rate securities. Naturally, the maturities of private placements depend on our investors’ requirements.

All of MünchenerHyp’s Pfandbriefe are covered to the extent of their nominal value, and in line with their present value, by appropriate cover pools. The legal requirements contained in the Pfandbrief Act represent the minimum requirements for us.

Our Mortgage Pfandbriefe have received Moody’s top Aaa rating.

Benchmark Pfandbriefe

MünchenerHyp is a regular issuer of large volume issues – so called Benchmark Pfandbriefe. These bonds are characterised by high liquidity and have a minimum volume of 500 million Euros. We intend to issue several Benchmark Pfandbriefe on a yearly basis to offer a high liquid and LCR-eligible instrument for our investors and to maintain an outstanding curve of liquid MünchenerHyp issues.

The Association of German Pfandbrief Banks (vdp) is offering as an additional service the publication of secondary market spreads. An average secondary market spread is calculated on the basis of indicative prices from 14 investmentbanks. The data is available in graphic and tabular form.