Portfolio Transactions, Risk Transfer and Co-Lending Programs

In addition to individual financing deals, the main focus of our Portfolio Transaction and Risk Transfer Group is on the portfolio level. The Group's key tasks include, in particular, initiating, supporting, coordinating and the execution of purchase and sale of loan portfolios.

Co-lending programmes are long-term arrangements between the Münchener Hyp and other real estate lenders for the purpose of jointly realising commercial property financing transactions. Within such an arrangement, the individual core competences and comparative advantages (usp) of each of the financing partners are bundled together to achieve greater effectiveness.

Co-lending programmes are based on jointly defined underwriting guidelines and a corresponding general agreement. The contents of which include:

  • Selection criteria for financing
  • Standards for lending agreements and the other documentation that will be required
  • Standards for processing the loan, and for the collateral
  • Guidelines for setting prices

Co-lending programmes make it possible to achieve greater efficiency with regard to addressing customers’ needs and processing of loans. Longer term collaboration enables the partners to specifically contribute their individual strengths to the partnership (e.g. market presence and strong business acquisition capabilities, competence in structuring deals, or refinancing possibilities).