Types of Loans

MünchenerHyp offers the following types of loans:

Annuity Loans

The property financing classic: with its annuity loans MünchenerHyp offers you loans with constant repayment amounts over the term of the loan.

The annuity payment consists of two parts: interest and repayment. Each repayment you make reduces the remaining amount of principle owed and so the portion of the payment used to pay interest is reduced in favour of the part to reduce the principle. The entire amount of the loan is repaid at the end of the repayment period. With this type of loan the fixed-interest period is generally shorter than the term of the loan.

Interest Only Loans

This types of loan only require that the borrower pay the interest due. The remaining debt remains unchanged. Instead of making regular payments to reduce the debt you can use this money to invest in a building society savings programme or a capital-building life insurance policy. These savings products are used later to repay your loan.

KfW Loans

Would you like to use one of the KfW’s promotional programmes to support homeownership. Naturally you can apply for these KfW funds through MünchenerHyp.