Sustainable Financing

Our MünchenerHyp Nachhaltigkeitsdarlehen (Sustainability Loan) can be used to finance properties that have been built or renovated in accordance with ecological principles - and thus contribute towards preserving the environment.

Follow-up Financing | Rescheduling of Debt

Münchener Forward makes it possible to ensure current follow-up financing at  attractive interest rates even up to 5 years before the end of the current fixed interest period.

Flexible Repayment

Our Münchener Freiheit fixed-rate loan offers you the opportunity to pay down your loan at any time after the third year up to and including full repayment of your loan.

Refund of Advance Repayments

Our Münchener Reverse allows you to receive a refund of the advance repayments you made previously if you require financial reserves during the term of your loan.


Debt Free - Quickly

With the Münchener Durchläufer (Fast track) you can repay your loan in full in 15 years by making high principle payments.