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Commercial Real Estate Finance

Commercial Real Estate Finance

MünchenerHyp is one of the most competitive providers of custom commercial real estate finance. The Commercial Real Estate Finance Division of MünchenerHyp offers attractive financing terms, a high level of product flexibility, and proven expertise for customised and/or complex financing solutions. Our decision making process is quick and reliable.

Our Direct Clients Group is responsible for our professional institutional and private real estate customers in Germany and other West European countries. We assist and support our customers to achieve their objectives in the real estate investment process.

Our Debt Investments & Distribution Group is responsible for syndications and club deals, which includes MünchenerHyp's participations in national and international real estate loans arranged by other banks, as well as the participation of other banks in real estate loans underwritten by MünchenerHyp. Both, syndication as well as club deals  suit our and your customers with a need for large volume transactions if the required loan amount is too big for one lender alone. Furthermore, the Financial Institutions Group is also responsible for portfolio transactions, risk transfer activities and co-lending programs.

Our Deal Management / Underwriting Team is responsible for negotiation and finalising the loan structure as well for preparing the loan approval.