Press release

High honours for Rafael Scholz, MünchenerHyp’s Head of Treasury, and the first issue of a sustainable Pfandbrief


Rafael Scholz, MünchenerHyp’s head of treasury, has been honoured with the Editor’s Choice Award given by The Cover, a British trade publication.
The Award is presented on an irregular basis for outstanding performance in the covered bond segment.

Rafael Scholz received the prize for the world’s first issue of a sustainable Pfandbrief (ESG Pfandbrief), which was successfully placed this month by MünchenerHyp. The issue generated great attention in the financial community and among investors focused on the concept of sustainability. The publisher of The Cover, Bill Thornhill, praised the ESG Pfandbrief as ground-breaking in the fast growing market for socially acceptable investments and paid tribute to Rafael Scholz as the architect of this issue.

“MünchenerHyp’s Board of management congratulates Mr. Scholz and all of the colleagues involved in the preparation and execution of this premiere issue. Their exceptional shared efforts made it possible to successfully venture into new territory”, said Dr. Louis Hagen, Spokesman for the Münchener Hypothekenbank’s Board of Management.