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300,000 new “employbees”

Since the summer of 2018, honey has also been part of the income generated by MünchenerHyp. It comes from bees, which were located at the headquarters in Munich city centre. Thus, the partner for commercial property finance is making a contribution to sustainability, preserving biodiversity and at the same time involving interested employees and trainees.

Arno Bruder with beehive

Buzzing sounds cannot only be heard from the air conditioning in the MünchenerHyp building on the Karl-Scharnagl-Ring, but also from the 300,000 employees of six bee colonies. They are looked after by beekeeper Arno Bruder, who sees his protégés every week or twice a month, depending on the season.

Munich Hofgarten

Bees do not have to fly far when looking for food. Munich’s Hofgarten is right next door, the southern end of the English Garden is nearby and even the trees around the Angel of Peace on the banks of the Isar river are only about 800 metres away. Worthwhile destinations are thus easily within the flying distance of a honey bee, which is one to three kilometres.

Bees in flight

Although bee mortality often affects wild bees living on their own, honeybees living in a community also play an important role in pollinating and preserving many of the plant species found in urban areas. “The diversity of flowers of the flora in the city gives the honey a special taste and a unique aroma,” explains beekeeper Arno Bruder.

Honey jars, sales situation

The “BEE HONEY from the roof of the MünchenerHyp” was extracted exclusively from the yield of the in-house bee colony and sold to employees for EUR 2.50 per 250ml jar in the bank's canteen. The price is equal to half the cost of production, the difference was covered by the bank. The yield was more than 400 litres. “Our involvement is very well received by colleagues at the bank. They are very interested in the extremely fascinating coexistence of bees and, mainly, in honey production,” said Michael Jung, Member of the Executive Board of MünchenerHyp.

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